Castaway’s Sports Bar & Grill

Singer Island, Florida

When it comes to watching football on Singer Island, there’s simply no better spot than Castaways Sports Bar & Grill. Our giant screen offers the ultimate viewing experience, ensuring you don’t miss a single play or touchdown.

If you happened to miss football season, don’t worry—there’s always something exciting happening at Castaways, day or night. Just take a look at our events page to see what’s going on around the island. But here’s a little secret: if it’s happening on Singer Island, you can bet it’s happening right here at Castaways Sports Bar & Grill.

Whether it’s a big game, live music, or a themed event, we’ve got you covered for all your entertainment needs. So why settle for anywhere else? Come join us and get lost in the excitement at Castaways—where the fun never stops!